7 Buzzfeed Signs The Social Media Revolution is Just Getting Started


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The social media revolution is more than just the fact your grandmother is on Instagram or the ”Like” button is now the new buy button. After sitting down with Buzzfeed’s own director of Creative Strategy, Joe Puglisi, there is one thing we know for sure: social media is a revolution. Whether or not you believe this to be a good thing, it’s best you brace yourself because social media is here for the long haul.  Here are seven signs that show the social media revolution has just begun!

7 Signs the Social Media Revolution is Just Getting Started


1. Who’s watching you?

From online shopping to stalking your ex-boyfriend, there is no limit to where social media stops and stalking begins. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that everywhere you go on the Internet, someone out there is tracking you. Whether it is a future employer or your grandmother, people look to connect with your online persona. As social media becomes more prominent in our everyday lives, it becomes more imperative that we filter ourselves online to ensure that we present ourselves correctly. Years ago, as long as your name didn’t show up on a “Most Wanted” list on Google, you were still safe. Now, with one bad picture from years ago, it could be the reason why someone else was hired instead of you.

2. Going viral

Can we really get enough cat videos? The answer is no. Everyday, something new has gone viral and captured the attention of people around the world. With millions of views within seconds, all it takes is the right person sharing a video before half of the millennial generation has viewed it. So what does that mean for the Social Media Revolution? Well, it means content is getting shared more often and at faster speeds.

Watch Joe Puglisi as he shares target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>creating viral-worthy content.

3. Connectivity is only as fast as your Internet connection

Social media is limited to the technology it uses. Something new is released daily, with the promise of a “Faster connection” and “Faster speed.” There’s no way of knowing if something is ever going to be fast enough, and no stopping the development of new platforms for it to be delivered on.

4. Brands get social

If there’s one thing that companies can ensure with social media, it is that consumers have no limit to the number of complaints they can publicly make. This gives brands the opportunity to humanize themselves, to let the consumer see that they are honest and care about what each individual has to say. Although this can be helpful for companies in the future, other companies are spiraling out of control. For those that don’t wish to improve their customer service skills, this social media revolution is bound to push their customers into the arms of companies who reach out.

5. Advertising isn’t so evil anymore

I think we can all agree that there is nothing more annoying than a commercial break during a favorite show. It’s no secret that advertising is traditionally intrusive, interruptive, and flat out aggravating. The social media revolution is changing the way advertisers approach their audience and relay a message. Instead of informing people, advertisers are hopping on the social media bandwagon in order to engage their audience and tailor their message so it specifically fits their demographic and it’s in real-time.

6. Millennials are only getting smarter

Growing up around the rise of technology has left many millennials aware of certain wants and needs that other generations tend to pass over. Now that the millennial generation is getting older and moving into the workforce, we are starting to see the development of different programs and ideas that have never been imagined before.

7. It’s only growing

I think we can all close our eyes and #tbt to our first Myspace page. Social media is forever changing and there’s no end to what the next trend will be (and on what platform it will be delivered on.)  Ten years ago, no one believed Mark Zuckerberg’s “Facebook” idea would become the basis of communication for the world, and there is no way to determine what the next big idea will be. Social media is growing, and with that comes new ideas and experimentations, which are bound to change the way we communicate forever.

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Image Source: Viktoriia Protsak


Reported by: Ricky Cutler 


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