6 Magnetic Social PR Content Trends for 2014


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Let’s face facts: traditional marketing tactics aren’t cutting it like they used to.

Consumers and journalists are more savvy than ever. They skim past traditional press releases, fast forward through television commercials on their DVR, pay little attention to newspaper or magazine advertisements, and surf right on past online banner ads. Savvy marketers are jumping off those antiquated methods and gravitating to social PR and content marketing.

Simply put, content is king.

By creating relevant and optimized content across the digital universe and then targeting and engaging with their audience, marketers and brand ambassadors are attracting new customers and solidifying existing relationships while driving up ROI.

So what are the latest social PR content trends for 2014?  Digital Marketing Philippines breaks it down in this latest infographic.

Brands are Becoming Publishers

Move over USA Today. The customers brands are targeting have more and more questions, which have typically been answered in the form of a FAQ, or frequently answered questions section. Now brands are breaking out and creating new original news-style content to answer those questions, and putting additional funds into their budgets to create and distribute this new content through open communication sources such as Google+, Hangouts, Twitter Chats and by streaming it live at events.

According to this B2B Content Marketing report, And more than half, 58%, will allocate more money into their budgets to create that content.

Buh Bye Agency, Hello In-House.

Companies are bringing content marketing in-house. According to HubSpot, businesses are no longer relying on agencies and 3rd parties to devise and execute their social PR and content marketing strategies, either by hiring a content marketing manager or, in some cases, creating a department whose sole role is content marketing. The good news for those companies is that by setting clear roles for their content marketing, they will spend less in their customer acquisition efforts than companies who do not.

Mobile Domination one PR Strategy at a Time

Brands will need to set separate content and PR strategies to accommodate mobile users. It is expected that by the year 2015 mobile web use will exceed all other forms of computing, including desktop. Companies will need to adapt their overall marketing plan by creating content that caters to mobile web designs.

Strategies Include the New Social Media Kid on the Block

Even though many brands have entrenched themselves on established social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter doesn’t mean there isn’t room for companies to expand their social media reach. Many new social media platforms are gaining popularity every day. On average brands and content marketers are now using six social platforms. The fastest rising? Google (55%), Slideshare (40%) and Instagram (22%).

According to B2B Content Marketing, social media content, excluding blogs, accounts for 87% of B2B Content Marketing usage.

Location, Location, Location….Digital Style

With an explosion of tablets, smartphones, and other GPS-enabled devices now flooding the marketplace, it is easier than ever to tap into a targeted customer base with location based content. Therefore businesses with brick and mortar locations can expect to see a better ROI in less time than ever before.

To be truly effective, location based content needs to be relevant to the consumer beyond  including a physical address in the copy, say perhaps tying the content into a big community event, a hyperlocal deal for customers, or optimized content meant to inspire customers to take action.

Let’s Get Visual, Visual

Companies are relying on visual content such as infographics, videos to raise brand awareness, and quotes from a CEO with branded images.  Over the last year there has been a 51% increase in infographic use, while video content has seen a 73% spike.

Why? Because visual posts are more social media-friendly and easily lend themselves to social sharing. Additionally, visual social media posts receive 94% more page visits and engagement than non-visual posts, according to WishPond.

Bottom line, all these trends have the same underlying theme; that engaging and inspiring content personalized toward consumers will result in effective social PR.

To read the full infographic, click here.

Need more inspiration? Read Social PR Secrets by Lisa Buyer for dynamic ways to get more publicity and visibility with social media and SEO.


Image credit: claudiodivizia / 123RF Stock Photo


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