[5 Star Book Review] Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals by Bruce Clay, Murray Newlands with 13 Digital Experts


LisaBuyer_ContentMarketingI have a content marketing secret or two to share! Before Bruce Clay and Murray Newlands asked me to contribute to the book Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals, they gave me a sneak peek. From the early pre-published drafts and before any contributors were added, it was a no-brainer I’d be giving it a five star review on Amazon, adding it to my recommended reading list for Social PR Secrets and have it as a permanent fixture on my desk and iPad.

You don’t have to read a book to find out that content marketing is one of the most coveted digital marketing skills of 2014 and that SEO graduated from boiler room to boardroom.

The obvious: Today brands need a smart content marketing plan that’s sparked with SEO best practices. The not so obvious: Defining the best way a brand can synthesize SEO and Content Marketing that is meaningful and generates business.

They Write the Words that Makes the Whole Industry Sing

Search industry headliners Clay and Newlands not only combined SEO and content powers, they also enlisted a team of digital marketing superheroes to take professional readers on a deeper journey: How to use content marketing and SEO to communicate with impact, generate sales and get found by search engines.

Who you WILL find in this book Chelsea Adams - Content Marketing Relationship Counselor Jordan Armstrong - Viral Minded YouTube Strategist Michael Brito - The Business Builder Lisa Buyer - Social PR Secrets 007 agent Jonathon Colman - The Facebook Strategist Andy Crestodina - The Content Chemist Alyce Currier - The Video VIP Ric Dragon - The SERP Slayer Kristi Kellogg - The Social (Media) Butterfly Virginia Nussey - SEO Minded Media Manager Lee Odden - The Content Re-imaginer Trent Partridge - SEO-Focused Photographer and Image Optimizer Adam Sutton - The Persona Whisperer

What you WON’T find in this book

Spin, fluff, puff, bragging, old news, black hat, questionable tactics, theoretical essays, words just to fill pages, needless chapters, one person’s point of view, old school rhetoric...

LisaBuyerPicksSocialPrSecretWhat you WILL find in this book

Hands on techniques, real-world examples, step-by-step how-tos, advice from leading experts in each niche, answers and confirmation, easy-to-read writing edited for  laser sharpness and to the point, 16 expert’s point of view, what’s in, what’s out, facts, stats...

Content made us dance, video filled our heart

So, we surfed, skimmed, underlined, circled, liked and highlighted all our Social PR favorite parts of Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals, here’s the music that made us dance!

What's IN?

  1. Google Lightbulb! Applying SEO best practices will make your excellent brand content worthy of ranking so people can find you in search. That means optimizing your public relations content like news releases, editorial coverage, bios and making your about us section timely by always updating it with recent brand news!

  2. A strategy that aligns content marketing and SEO with revenue goals. Imagine that, public relations can now easily measure ROI.

  3. Knowing basic HTML to understand how content can help the SEO landscape is IN.

  4. The new content marketing model puts content last! OAC: Objectives, Audience, Content.

  5. It’s never been more important to understand your audience, know who you want to communicate with and most importantly define what effective means? Remember it’s about them, not you!

  6. Videos that help create a personal connection and trust with your audience by teaching them about topics they care about, and growing that core audience as they share your content.

  7. A strong title/headline that is front loaded with a number or something that inspires action.

  8. Being a destination for a certain kind of content, as HubSpot is for inbound marketing, will raise your standing in your field.

  9. Using videos to create brand awareness.

  10. Have a message with your photos that compel people to take action.

SocialPRSEcrets2014What's OUT?

  1. Creating robotic posts stuffed with keywords. Instead - try blending your brand’s point of views with trending topics and news.

  2. Writing long‐winded sales pitches. A better idea is to: Focus on them, the community.

  3. Stalking or pestering your customers in social media. It’s like the one person at the networking event that everyone avoids. Don’t be that brand.

  4. Sharing a diary on your business website of what you ate for lunch. Remember there is such thing as too much information, keep it real, yet appropriate.

  5. Scraping content from other websites. This actually never really worked for smart brands before.

  6. Publishing everywhere your competitors do without considering what is right for your brand. Why be a copycat? Get inspired by brands that are doing it right outside your industry and see what you can do different in your industry!

  7. The old content marketing model used to be: CAO: Content, Audience, Objectives

  8. The time of throwing content on the wall to see what sticks is out!  The way to go is this: Writing high quality and newsworthy content that originates from experienced writers who understand how to listen and connect with your community.

  9. Making videos specifically for the purpose of "going viral." Take baby steps, start with a simple “how to” video  that answers a common support question, one that is useful and build from there.

  10. Making your headline all about keywords and not enough persuasion. Yes, you must optimize, but it is possible to optimize your way right out of Google. Take a class and understand the best practices of SEO writing and also journalistic style writing.

Social PR Secret: Today has never been a better time to learn the principles and best practices of SEO, especially if you are a public relations professional, brand publisher or marketing professional.

Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals is one of my favorite Social PR Secrets and I recommend it as a staple in your digital marketing arsenal. Buy it here on Amazon.

Are you an executive in need of a little SEO know-how? Check out Bruce Clay Inc’s free online class made especially for CMOs and business executives; all the facts minus the geeky stuff.

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