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Jennifer Lopez of MozThe land of Moz! That’s where you can follow the blue hashtag to Jennifer Lopez on any given social media stream. Or you might find her speaking at a conference or sharing her top social media community management secrets with a workshop for business professionals. SocialPRChat caught up with Lopez for a Google HOA interview for the community management week of my University of Florida Social Media Management course!

Managing the Moz community is unique because in addition to running the standard social channels, Moz has a user-generated blog, webinars (appropriately called Mozinars), a Q&A forum, and list of special events to stay on top of.  With a community made up of nearly 350,000 individuals and Twitter mentions that exceed 27,000 in the last 90 days, all of which they reply to, the Moz community management team has developed a reputation as a brand others aspire to replicate. They mix the powers of search engine marketing with the secret sauce of social media management.

Check out these five social media community management secrets for Social PR success.

1. Don’t Have an App-tastrophy

Twitter appsWe’re human, and that’s a good thing (see secret 5). Mistakes will happen but that doesn’t mean you should make it easy to make one. One of Lopez’s secrets to avoiding posting personal information on a business account is to use two separate apps when sharing.

It’s hard to forget the rogue Tweet from the Red Cross account using the hashtag #gettngslizzerd and there have been plenty of memorable mishaps since. Now, with the influx of mobile-based social networks, the chances of screwing up are greater than ever. Can you imagine an individual running a brand Snapchat account sending a personal Snap to all of their friends? That image or video can be anything and you can’t get those back!

Social PR Secret: Personal brands on Twitter can use the Twitter mobile app or Echofon and something like BufferApp for your brand management. Just keep it separate to avoid any mishaps!

2. The Grandma Rule

If mother knows best then Grandma has been there, done that, and wrote the book.

“If you wouldn’t say it to your grandmother because she would find it distasteful, then perhaps you won’t want to share it on social.” – Jennifer Lopez

Just because you think something is funny does not mean everyone will “get it.”

What would Grandma say (WWGS)? Following this rule of thumb before sharing a post could save you from some pretty intense community management cleanup. You might always find that someone will get offended or use your post to promote their own agenda but this Social PR Secret will keep you from upsetting the masses.

If you have the hippest Grandma who would probably approve everything, Lopez recommends asking your team about anything you might find questionable. Either they will quash your fears immediately or say “if you’re asking the question let’s just not send that and we will find something else.” Better to be safe than sorry!

Lopez says, “It’s OK to have a personality and be funny but it’s not OK to be crude unless that’s part of your community and you’re managing the something like  dumbthingspeopledo.com page.”

3. Become a D-Lister

You can’t become an A-list social media community manager superstar until you’ve made it past the D-list. Lopez shared this at SMX West and it’s a must for social media managers! Some might seem tempting and a faster way to get ROI, but beware. Don’t worry if you’ve already committed some of these social sins, there’s always time to set the wrongs right.

Social Media Don'tsJennifer Lopez’s D-List

  • Don’t auto follow
  • Don’t buy followers
  • Don’t auto direct message
  • Don’t say dumb things
  • Don’t screw up

First, auto following is just a social media no-no. Not everyone who follows you is real and they might also be offensive. Following back is a nice practice but take the time to click on their profile beforehand. People looking at your profile may check out who you’re following so make sure it conveys the right message.

Buying followers can also be a bad idea because their really isn’t a way to control the profiles after they’ve followed you. Suddenly your feed is filled with messages in foreign languages and that nice fanbase you’ve built to show credibility ends up backfiring.

Auto direct messaging also gives the wrong idea, delivered straight into your new fan’s inbox. These people actively chose to follow you and auto DMs may seem like spam. Don’t hurt your relationship before you’ve even had time to build one.

Well, the first three items on the D-list are a little more manageable, just turn them off, but hopefully some of Lopez’s Social PR secrets will help you avoid the last two 😉

4. Grow Some Standards

If you’re going to be a community manager, there needs to be some understood and approved standards and guidelines in place. Sit down with the corporate marketing person, customer service person, CEO, or the one who can help you get a feel for the brand’s voice, then put some standards in place so that all the community managers are on the same page.

Once this is in place and trust is established, companies that used to be a little too hands-on, for example, wanting to get every Tweet approved, can take a step back. That’s just not doing social right, someone needs to be in place to actually be social!

Establishing some standards will also help improve efficiency. The community managers need to know their boundaries and also that they’re able to fix something without having to jump through hoops. They need to be able to jump in and make decisions on behalf of the brand to right a wrong as quickly as possible and save face.

5. Even Robots Can Be Human

One of the cool things about being a part of the Moz team is that you get to adopt a new persona… He’s quirky, he’s shiny, and he’s got quite the Twitter following, but even though he’s a robot, Roger always turns on his Human Empathy button when responding to his Tweeps.

Lopez says that Moz’s success in community management comes from their driving force TAGFEE. Be transparent, authentic, generous, fun, exceptional and empathetic.

One of the best qualities of a community manager is understanding that you’re talking to another human being and to not let things get under your skin and get personal because the commenter doesn’t realize you’re a person. Furthermore, understand that this person may be having a bad day and are upset about something (possibly your service, maybe something entirely different). The key is to be helpful and have conversations. Respond from a human to a human and you may be surprised how quickly their attitude changes.

If someone has a complaint about your brand specifically, Jennifer’s tip is to address it empathetically. Tell them you understand that it is frustrating, possibly dive into the problem a bit more and then discuss resolutions. Once the person realizes you’re there to help them (and are a real human being) they will appreciate your assistance.

So there you have it, once again Jennifer Lopez takes us down the path to Social PR success! here to view the entire video interview and don’t forget to Tweet @Moz to tell them how awesome their team is!

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