5 #SocialPRSecrets I Learned From My Wedding


5 Social Media Lessons I Learned From My  Wedding

Even though I’ve been using social media marketing as a PR strategy  since Facebook first launched, I still learn something new everyday—including on my wedding day!

Just two weeks ago, I tied the knot at a beach wedding with our families on Anna Maria Island. Even though it was a small wedding, it still required the same planning and organizing as a large one. It reminded me of my social media marketing business and how clients—regardless of size and budget—still require and deserve proper project management and communication for success.

And just like in social media business, our wedding reviews mattered. We wanted our audience—in this case, our guests—to have an amazing experience, not just at our wedding but also at the destination. They invested their time and money to travel to Florida, so it was up to us to make it worth their while!

Here are five social media marketing lessons I learned on my big day:

Invest in Photography

I put this as #1 because it—our wedding photographer—was the most expensive out of all the proposals. We listened to very good advice that this was not an area in which to skimp. Now that we have the photos back, it reminded me of why it’s so important for companies to invest in the best quality images and photography for social media marketing because it’s this visual that can capture the story, tell a story, or break a story and lead to publicity and visibility for your brand.

Social PR Secret: Be sure to watermark photos with a company logo, hashtag of CTA for best branding and conversion results in social media marketing. Check out these examples of how Limelight Photography marked their brand on my wedding photos. Love it! 🙂 


Have a Plan

The minister gave us advice before the wedding rehearsal: he said to be sure to come with a plan for exactly how you want everyone to stand, the order, the music, etc. He said he’s witnessed too many brides be brought to tears because of the sideline advice from sisters, mothers, and aunts with an opinion. We were thinking that’s what the rehearsal was for, but luckily we listened to him and created a plan. Just like business events, have a social media plan or the agenda will result in off-the-cuff input from the crowd.


Communicate With Your Audience

I sent out an email a few days before the wedding with a detailed agenda, including transportation, hot spots to eat, and our favorite places on the island. Almost every one of our guests complimented or thanked me for doing this and loved the guidance. Much like in social media marketing, what do you want your audience to do? By guiding them through the journey, you’ll assure they have the best experience possible, whether it’s reading a blog post or signing up for a promotion. 

Social PR Secret: Use Canva to create a CTA that converts!


Be Real and Personalize

It was important for us to keep our wedding personal to us and to our guests. The wedding was a representation of our family’s brand from the key lime cake (Don’s favorite) to the daisies (my favorite) to the outfits the wedding party wore (their favorites). Even the music we picked was far from the generic tunes played in a wedding ceremony. We traded the typical processional for The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” and instead of “Here Comes the Bride,” we played “Marry Me” by Train. It’s these little personalized touches—just like in business and in your social media strategies—that can make a brand stand out or a wedding not just your average boring ceremony.


Thank You and I’m Sorry

Okay, so not everything was perfect at our wedding, just like in the social media world. We couldn’t control people’s perceptions or misperceptions, so some communications didn’t go as planned. Small disasters happened like this person didn’t like their table, that person wasn’t in a picture, etc. It reminds me in business when an employee or a customer feels they have been treated the wrong way and they complain in social media. You have a choice: ignore it or handle it. And then comes the act of gratitude: the iconic thank you card. We used digital invites via Paperless Post for the invites but the thank you notes were personalized and handwritten. In our digital world, the old-fashioned thank you card is still a winner in business and personal life. If someone deserves recognition for an act of kindness, let them know with a thank you note.

In order to stand out as any brand small and large, it’s important to create an experience your audience will fall in love with. I guess you can say first comes love, then comes marriage—and social media.

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