4 Ways to Live Mindfully in the Social Media World #Wisdom2Conf


wisdom 2.0 conference with Deepak Chopra

Focusing on the mindful moment rather than the social media newsfeed can be quite challenging. But the benefits of having purpose, intention and awareness as part of your business life can be profoundly rewarding, just ask the Master of mindfulness himself, Deepak Chopra.

I was fortunate enough to grab a front row seat to Chopra’s keynote to kick off Wisdom 2.0 for Business, a two-day event dedicated to showing us how to live mindfully in this digital age. Who was in the audience? Business and technology leaders, entrepreneurs, Wall Street investors, Zen teachers, neuroscientists, and teachers; all gathered to explore how we can live (and work) with deeper meaning and wisdom in our technology-rich age.

The social media newsfeeds can be a tough space for all of us. The first thing we do in the morning is check Facebook, factor in the average person looks at their phone more than 50 times a day and we now have a term called nomaphobia – the fear of being too far away from our mobile device.

We can’t help but question who is in charge here? Being present, in the multitasking moment to some might mean having one eye on your notifications at all times.

“Multitasking is the only skill that gets worse with practice,” Chopra told TechCrunch.

In today’s social media-driven business world is mindfulness the art of returning a text in 10 seconds or less or is it more about having the third eye on being aware of what you are aware of?

Chopra shared the story behind the history of mindfulness dating back to Buddhist origins and how it is relevant and gaining popularity inside today’s most influential and successful companies such as Twitter, Huffington Post and Google.

Mindfulness 2.0 Explained

“Life is like wheel with the hub being awareness,” says Chopra.

The rim of the wheel is broken down into four quadrants, all critical to have quality of life filled with intention and purpose, he explains.

1. Five Senses

This is sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste. Being caught up in our social media world we unintentionally disconnect from the beauty of what’s around us including missing out when someone might need a hug, smelling the ocean breeze or watching the gorgeous sunsets.

2. Your Body

Mindfulness begins on the inside and outside of your body including lungs, breath, and cardiovascular system. The more you are aware of your body, the more you are able to regulate it. Chopra notes how traditional yoga practices synchronize this mind and body connection. Sitting at our desks all day and never looking up from our three screens can rob our brains and bodies from a greater sense of mindfulness and awareness that can give us that extra spark of creativity to write that blog post or 140 character tweet. Sleeping  a full eight hours and eating healthy are practices only you can power.

3. Mental Space

Your heart, your emotions, what is going on in your brain. Chopra emphasizes that the more you know what is going on in the brain, the more you are able to make better conscious decisions. The power of taking time off and putting work aside can have a profoundly positive impact on your brain’s processing power to have an upper hand in boardroom negotiations and increase mental focus. In Zen is the New Black, Kate Hudson shares her appreciation of the power of meditation by spending “10 mindful minutes” a day “setting intentions. In Gary Keller’s best selling book The One Thing, he emphasizes a daily morning habit that starts with meditation or prayer. It’s a way of clearing the mind and creating more processing power to focus on accomplishing your most important things in life.

4. Relationships

Where would we be without relationships? Chopra asks: What else is there? Your relationships with family, friends, business and your community are a critical quadrant in the spirit of mindful living. When it comes to business; relationship building is a key element to success and in social media; your community and your audience is critical to compete.

   #SocialPRSecret: Meditate once or twice a day using modern-day apps such as Buddhify or OMG I can meditate.

Where do we find the time in our social media-driven life to make an appointment for mindfulness?

Chopra advises to spend 20 minutes a day meditating as a start. And if you’re one of those with no time for that then here is your Chopra prescription: “You should be meditating twice a day,” he notes with a mindful yet very serious smile. And mindfulness and well-being is trending not only in the business space but also with millennials. Check out Chopra’s latest start-up called JIYU targeting the younger generation with the benefits of mind, body and spirit through the powers of digital technology and social media.

It’s time to put yourself in charge with a new secret weapon: Mindfulness.

Let’s face it the digital age is upon us and never before have we had to protect our mind, our space and our business more than now.But, according to Chopra, science is showing us that the secrets of business success are not digital, they are transformational by way of mindful practices, no phones required (well unless it is a meditation app.)

Why not enlighten your news feed with some inspiration on purpose and intention? Make this the starting point to challenge yourself to become more mindful in business as a positive force in everything you do.

Every time you are tempted to act in the same old way;

ask yourself

if you want to be

a prisoner of the past or

a pioneer of the future.

-Deepak Chopra

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