3 Tips, Tweets and Breaking News via @PeterShankman, Author of “Nice Companies Finish First”

ShankmanSocialPRFrom the days of 2007 when he started HARO to writing his latest best-selling book Nice Companies Finish First to his latest venture Shankman|Honig, Peter Shankman never ceases to reinvent and disrupt.

Shankman wrote on his blog:

Here’s what companies big and small aren’t getting  – The game has changed. You got screwed by a company in the 1980s? What were you going to do? Write a letter to the editor of your local paper? Tell a few friends? That was it. I challenge you to find ONE PERSON today who doesn’t have a camera in their phone, connected to the heartbeat of the world via multiple channels in real time.

We’re a new economy. We’re a conversation economy. Your customer service strategy can no longer be “we’ll wait for someone to complain on Twitter then we’ll placate them”
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Navah Berg caught up with the Shankman, AKA the Social PR Disruptor, last week when he jetted down to Florida and dropped some Social PR knowledge onto #SFIMA about how companies can stay relevant to their audience by personalizing content and being NICE.

Tweets, likes, videos, instagram’s, etc gets shared by the public in real-time. Keeping customers and employees happy and making them feel relevant is as important as ever. They are the ones that can create good Social PR Vibrations

  How? Use the power of nice. I listened. They listened. Outcome? Mutual respect. Each customer feeling that personalized customer service by, as Peter Shankman calls it, being one step above crap.


What are some ways companies can be “Nice”? Peter Shankman gives three ways you can start today.

1. Be Honest and Transparent – Shankman predicts friending” and “liking” on Facebook will go away in maximum of 24 months. If you like a business you will frequent it and go back. If you don’t, you won’t.

2. Give Your Audience What They Want – I heard it through the grapeVINE
Shankman gave an example of Timehop – this used to be an email that he looked forward to everyday then they took away email and just made it an iPad app. This was not relevant to him. He has only gone to the app four times since they changed it. He used to read it everyday. End result: Be Relevant this equates to 30% more sales. Find out how your audience wants to get their info and give it to them.

3. I just called to say… “I love you!” – Ok that might be overboard, but show them some love! Treat client NICE and call just to say ‘how are you?’. Or as Shankman so eloquently puts it: Treat your customers one level above crap.

Social PR Tip: Wake up 30 minutes earlier every day and call your top five clients just to say ‘Hi’.

When was the last time you asked your customer, How can I help you? Give your top 5-10 customers/clients a call today and see how you can help them.

Social PR Tip: Keep in touch journalists in between the times when you need something or want to pitch a story.

We were all born with the same power to be nice. Use it.

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That would be nice.