21 Things to Know 🤩


At any moment, a decision you make can change the course of your life forever.
– Tony Robbins

Jump into June with me and explore my 21 favorite things of the month.

Keep scrolling to discover the PR Metaverse, NFTS, and using creative technology to instill resilience! Plus dive into some PR Secrets to help your brand gain maximum exposure!

PR and the Metaverse

😎 LinkedIn steps into the metaverse and hosts work events in¬†AltSpaceVR.

👩🏼💻 A flurry of brands, from e.l.f. Cosmetics to CNN, start to sell their own¬†NFTs, the non-fungible tokens¬†stored on a blockchain that can never be duplicated.

🤗 NFT for PR. Here is a¬†free guide¬†on how brands and marketers can tap into NFTS and the metaverse.

🎨 Create a new location in the metaverse for your brand. Like Sotheby’s¬†gallery in the metaverse.

✨ Read Metaverse Weekly on Forbes by¬†Cathy Hackl.

Metaverse on Linkedin

Learn and Grow

🙌🏻 FREE Training:¬†Eight steps¬†to getting more media coverage.

📱 CEO and CMO¬†guide to SEO.

🎧 Ready to monetize and scale your podcast?¬†Podhacker playbook¬†is a must!

💥 Does your nonprofit¬†want to work¬†with Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter influencers?

🎉 Luminetics increases your brand exposure¬†and revenue through the power of LinkedIn. Check it out and mention I referred you.

👉🏻 Are you a marketing entrepreneur? Join¬†Mandy McEwan‚Äôs Mod Agency Insiders Facebook Group¬†for free tips and education.

😍 Shameless plug –¬†Modern PR Secrets¬†online course is waiting for you!

Female Disruptors News

👏🏼 Fave Female Speakers¬†Pubcon Florida¬†– Join me and Michelle Robbins, Carolyn Shelby, Purna Virji, Melanie Mitchell, Janet Driscoll Miller, Navah Hopkins, Shelly Fagin, Rebecca Murtagh, Motoko Hunt, Melissa Fach, and more breaking glass ceilings in the marketing industry.

🤩 Female Disruptors on¬†Instagram.

💻 Paige Dansinger Shares¬†how to use creative technology¬†to instill resilience.

PR Tools and Tips

📓 PR‚Äôs celebrity little black book. Get a celebrity or influencer to endorse your book, event or be a guest on a live event.¬†Contact Any Celebrity¬†is your little black book.

PR Celebrity Gif

💁‍♀️ Know your audience. NEW in SparkToro:¬†Demographics!

🔑 Distribution is the key to exposure. My fave paid distribution is¬†eReleases.

Follow and Inspire

✅ Rand Fishkin on¬†Twitter¬†for daily marketing tips, passion and insights.

✅ FAU Strike Magazine for¬†creativity, fashion, culture, beauty and wellness.

✅ Alana Hadid for her great finds, and advocate for human rights, equality, and¬†glocal care.

✅ Brian Solis weekly¬†LinkedIn lives¬†for every savvy marketer.


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