2011 Good Karma #PR Finds: InstaPaper and Join.me


Read this, share that, post this, call that, join this, f*** that. The social media and PR world is like life in the Facebook ticker stream. So much content flies through my news feeds and readers it makes me dizzy. Add to it, we are in an era of everyday changes to social media technology, whether it is the launch of Facebook’s new timeline or learning a new social media analytics program and sharing it with a client.

In 2011 I discovered ways to share information easier with myself and also with clients.

InstaPaper – my curating secret weapon. Working from multiple computers, locations and even devices is challenging to keep track of all the cool stuff I read about and want to go back to. One day I was hanging out at my favorite bar, the Apple Genius Bar, and I was tipped off to InstaPaper. What a life saver this has turned out to be. Any web page I come across, from any device, I can quickly hit a button from my IPad, laptop, desktop or even iPhone and it is stored for me to go back to! It seems Wired, TechCrunch and The New York Times also loved InstaPaper at “hello,” especially when it introduced social sharing.

  • InstaPaper saves long web pages to read later, when you have time: on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Kindle so you don’t just forget about them or skim through them.

Join.me was like love at first join. I must say, I have a love/hate relationship with meetings and conference calls. Can’t live without them. While they are an effective way to drive forward ideas and plans, they can also be huge time suckers when sometimes the only person paying attention is the one talking!  The average professional attends 60 meetings or conference calls a month and studies show about 50% of that time is wasted; equally about 4 days of week a month chalked up as unproductive meeting time!
Shannon Beck’s team at Fetch Branding introduced me to join.me this year and it was a serious immediate crush.  Join.me is the fastest and easiest way to collaborate for online meetings. Easily show review proofs, show how to add the Like button to a website or walk a client though some complicated analytics set up, join.me is painless and free!

  • Join.me – Free screen-sharing and online meeting tool to make your life infinitely easier. They just announced you can now use VoIP in join.me at beta.join.me.

Watch for my next post for more of my favorite finds in 2011 designed to bring good karma to your Social PR world in 2012.



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