15 Breaking Bad Social Media Takeaways on Twitter and More #Zenith2014



Where can you find the best social media takeaways on Twitter? Oh the places you can go! Customer service, branding, media relations, public relations, community management and Duluth, Minnesota!

Yes Duluth, Minnesota… more than just a cold-sounding place, it’s actually a hotspot for up and coming social media superstars,  likeable talent and socialicious people. It’s also the destination for the third annual Zenith Social Media Conference;  thanks to aimClear and the Duluth Chamber of Commerce.

Twitter Session: Back by Popular Demand!

breaking bad with lb and lgspace150’s Lisa Grimm and I chalked up our third year in a row professing our true Twitter love in the session: Breaking Bad on Twitter. Why all the Twitter Social PR love notes? With more than 240 million active users, 76 percent of which access via mobile, Twitter’s recent IPO has caused a gigantic refresh!

More eggs are hatching and brands are flocking to Twitter to add communication polish, sparkle and shine to customer service, media relations, newsmaking, competitive analysis, lead generation, relationship building and even politicking.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to optimize your Twitter profile
  • Pro tips in crafting effective Twitter communication
  • Personalization versus automation
  • Growth hacks and Twitter Social PR secrets for media relations
  • How to avoid a PR relations disaster

Here’s what you need to know on Twitter in 2014 and beyond.

Biggest Game Changers?

Paying to play is a big deal because it used to be taboo for public relations pros to consider paid social. It was against the PR religion. Today there are very, very strategic and smart ways to use the paid side of social get gain positive publicity without it being a cheesey advertorial.

Social Buyers Beware: There are also very easy ways to get paid social all wrong and waste a ton of money and credibility.

If you ask Lisa Grimm, she says real-time communication requires strong leadership and an eye on operations.

“The  biggest game changer these days is understanding who you are, what you want to communicate, to whom and what matters to them. How you communicate that, cohesively through the right channels and technologies is critical, but unless you lay the foundation that’s not possible. Most businesses/brands want to reach for the bright and shiny object without asking/answering the right questions. Additionally, change management to support the integration of digital and social into an organization is also huge. Real-time communication has set in motion a whole new world of operations that most, if not all businesses were completely unprepared for. This requires strong leadership and a whole lot of action,” said Grimm, Director of PR and Emerging Media at space150.

Breaking Bad with Twitter Takeaways, Tactics & Winning ROI

  1. Twitter is here to stay, regardless of the recent bad press. The recent IPO is funding new offerings to brands and marketers
  2. Have a Twitter strategy and find the place in your social media marketing for Twitter that works for your brand
  3. Make Twitter work for your brand. Figure out what that looks like: Customer service, media relations, news feed, brand advocacy, build community
  4. Understand Twitter’s latest features  such as highlighting a tweet to to the top of your feed or visual branding opportunities with the cover and profile images.
  5. Think about adding visuals including video into your Twitter content for maximum exposure
  6. Optimize profiles with keywords, hashtags and links that make sense
  7. Identify which Twitter Cards might work best for your brand
    • Summary Card
    • Summary Card with Large Image
    • Photo Card
    • Gallery Card
    • Player Card
    • Product Card
    • Lead Gen Card
    • Website Cards
    • App Installs – new
  8. Pay it forward and amplify distribution: Explore Twitter Ads and test out some campaigns to build community and promote news
  9. Create personas and profiles for your clientele and target them through paid promotions
  10. Promoted accounts can be an effective way to quickly grow your community
  11. Promoted Tweets will help you reach a targeted audience and get exposure
  12. The real-time power of Twitter can work for a brand… or turn into a public relations nightmare
  13. Media relations is happening on Twitter! Identify the media that matter to your brand and follow  then, start a relationship. The media is on Twitter looking for stories, listening for expert sources and love when you share their stories
  14. Take advantage of social tools and platforms to make your life easier and that make sense for your brand. Our faves include Buffer, IFTT, Triberr, TweetDeck and RebelMouse
  15. Don’t forget about past content and be careful not to make the mistake of publish a blog post, share it and forget it.
  16. Measure what matters to you brand’s success and define that ahead of time. Google Analytics can keep your eye on the twitter prize that matters most to your business objectives!

What did I love most about this year’s Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference?

Overall – I  loved the happy people, the zen-like location and the spirited melding of minds! After three years in a row at Zenith, I think I am officially a Duluth-groupie. It’s my once-a-year trip to hang out with top-notch women influencers like Joanna Lord, Lisa Grimm, Michelle Stinson-Ross, Cindy Krum and Merry Morad in a setting that is more relaxed and laid back than larger domain conferences.

And those women of Zenith, well they were my #1 favorite thing about the conference – the speakers, the staff, the attendees (no offense men of Zenith, you know I love all of you too). As one of the women behind Zenith, I hope we can inspire and create space for more women to become part of the search and social marketing leadership lineup.

Looking at the 2014 speaker roster, the men outnumbered the women speakers and seemed to have more men than women at the conference. It was aimClear’s Marty Weintraub who brought this to my attention a few years back in a respectful blog post about women in search.

Marty Weintraub and Lisa Buyer at ZenithMore inspiration on how to help today’s modern women strengthen their financial and professional status, while also balancing it all like being the breadwinner, co-breadwinner, caregiver and more can be found here.
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Speaking of Weintraub, his words of wisdom to marketers looking to stay ahead of the digital marketing game:

BE the future, or lose your job.



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