12 Tips for PR Targeting and Marketing to Women



If women do 70% of all shopping, wouldn't it make sense to make sure you're targeting women effectively?
Infographic courtesy of Oddepedia

The Buyer Group CEO Lisa Buyer subscribes to award-winning copywriter and branding consultant Stuart Dornfield’s email gems of wisdom. Stuart’s latest email is especially invaluable to those in the Social PR mix, so we wanted to share:

  • 34% of women match their bras to their panties, says Freshpair.com.
  • Only 15% of moms order ethnic/exotic foods at a restaurant more than three times a year, finds WhyMomsRule.com.
  • 31% of women have more than five beauty products in their handbag right now, according to Allure magazine.
  • 26% of women shared the last piece of gossip they heard with at least three other people, finds Glamour magazine.
  • 69% of moms say they are the most influential person in the household when it comes to making purchase decisions, says Experian Marketing Services.
  • 27% of women have purchased items from TV; weight-loss aids, QVC clothes or jewelry, and the ShamWow are the most popular purchases, reports Glamour magazine.
  • 80% of moms use leftovers at least once a week, says WhyMomsRule.com.
  • 65% of women call the idea of a gender-balanced work force a myth, according to Advertising Age and ad agency JWT.
  • 84% of the custodial parents in the U.S.’s 13.7 million single-parent households are mothers, according to the Census Bureau.
  • 70% of women who don’t have a financial advisor say they want to get money advice, but can’t find someone they trust, finds Prudential Financial.
  • Women spend an average 5.5 hours a month using social network sites compared to four hours spent by men, according to comScore.
  • Women aged 18-29 are less likely than men the same age to have posted a video of themselves online (16% vs. 24%), according to the Pew Research Center.

Stuart Dornfield’s “Creativity Driven by Strategy” provides clients with everything from freelance copywriting and business consulting services to 360-degree marketing communication solutions across all traditional and non-traditional channels.


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