10+ Ways to Turn Content Upside Down Via #SEOchat and Honey Maid


I’m in public relations so of course I think content promotion is a necessity, but this week’s #SEOchat topped off with Honey Maid’s YouTube video underlined the potential power of content promotion.
Honey Maid: Love

Think about it – if you’re creating content the natural progression is content promotion. According to BuzzStream;  90% of B2C marketers and 93% of B2B marketers report they are already creating content – it only makes sense that without a content promotion plan in place, chances are your public relations and social media content are underexposed.

Spreading Brand Love Through Content Promotion

Brands can learn a content promotion lesson (or 10) from

  • #SEOchat power hour recap below

  • A peek at Honey Maid’s video comeback to a swarm of negative (and positive) comments to a 30-second commercial about what makes families family.

    • This video comeback is a perfect example of how pure Social PR content can turn a negative into a positive and how brands can take negative user-generated content and turn it into a content promotion – with a little creativity.

  • BuzzStream’s Free Content Promotion Guide  – This inspiring guide delivers 75 pages of tactics, tools and perils of wisdom to break through the content noise.

#SEOchat Experts Tell the #TRUTH on Content Promotion


What does content promotion mean to your brand? Give examples of what’s working.  

@BrockbankJames: Content promotion is the harder 50% of content marketing, the real work! Getting content in front of those who want it!

@cjeinATL: Content Promotion is a huge part of our marketing. Valuable content helps us build trust/authority with potential clients.

@jedkent: Proper content promotion means everything. Even incredible pieces of content often require that exposure nudge.

@JennineMiller: Well content promotion definitely makes the time you spend creating the content worth it. No promo = no pay-off.

@BruceClayInc: Promoting other people’s content that’s relevant to your subject builds connections and authority. Not just your own.

@KristiKellogg: #Content promotion is strategically sharing links across #socialmedia platforms, issuing press releases, and doing interviews.


What are some examples of your content promotion goals and why?

Everyone has different goals and sometimes their goals vary by each piece of content. Below are a few our SEO Chatters thought were important. In BuzzStream’s latest free eBook, The Advanced Guide to Content Promotion, they recommend picking one principle goal and having all roads lead to there. Use this list as inspiration for your goal, determine what is most important for the content in question and start from there.

  • Drive social engagement and traffic

  • Boost sales leads

  • Increase ROI

  • Build brand awareness and authority

  • Increase repeat visitors, conversions, lead capture and signups


Today it’s pay to play. What paid outlets do you find work well for content promotion?  

It just so happens that this past week enthusiasts for Facebook marketing realized paid social is going to be a must after Eat24’s breakup letter to Facebook received a public reply from rep Brandon McCormick explaining that users want to see more of their friends’ posts in their feed and Facebook’s new algorithm will comply. That being said, SEO Chatters discussed re-evaluating their campaigns so they can still stay visible to a selective target audience. Additional comments about paid outlets include:

@jedkent: Boosted posts on Facebook, @Outbrain, and @Revenuecom are some of my favorites.

@parallelpath: We’ve been growing our use of social ads. Twitter lead gen cards have been useful for guide/whitepaper downloads.

@MirandaM_EComm: YouTube true view ads have also been great for marketing specific regions and activities in tourism industry.

@DigiMatt: News recommendation like @Outbrain or @taboola are winners for content promotion hands down. Shares + sales.


How can we earn organic reach for content with today’s state of search?

Organic reach is vital to building your brand’s trustworthiness. When someone sees a post shared by their friend, 92% of them find that more trustworthy than seeing it from the source itself. Also, we all agreed quality trumps quantity. One thoughtful article a week is infinitely better than seven fluffy. Our new mantra – content is not king when it sucks!


@mattgratt: Get on page SEO right, get lots of eyeballs, engagement signals, and links through paid and earned promotion.

@VirginiaNussey: Totally dig Google+ for the brand, growing referrals and high engagement since it’s the spot for our SEO audience.

@paulaspeak: Cross-channel marketing. Slightly alter and amplify same content on multiple social platforms & cross promotion


Any tips/tricks for share rate optimization? What CTAs does your content have?

@maryi: Create relationships with social media influencers & include them in your content. If written well they will share it.

@MirandaM_EComm: Figure out the objective: to teach, inspire, anger, shock – if you accomplish it, you get shares.

@ReidBandremer: Remember. that emotion evokes action, so evoke emotion. And make content easy to share.

@ericlanderseo: Always start with the simple things like OpenGraph and Twittercard support. Sharing should be beautiful.

@BruceClayInc: One tactic to increase shares is to use @clicktotweet on tweet-worthy moments within your content.

Do you promote content through email? What tool/service have you tried? Pros & cons?



It was recommended that newsletters should be sent monthly so as not to over-spam anyone but frequency typically depends on the pace of change in your industry. Other email services that were mentioned during SEO Chat include:

  • MailChimp

  • Constant Contact

  • MailPoet WYSIWYG WP plugin

  • FeedBlitz

  • AWeber


Fashion Report: What’s O-U-T for content promotion? Share some fads with limited ROI.

Whoa! This question got quite the buzz. As a social marketer, you just cringe to see some of these done. I guess we all had to get it off of our chests. Here are some of our DON’TS:

  • Article submission and press releases that aren’t news and cold call” pitches to bloggers & media, asking too much, emailing 5 times.

  • Paid promotion, artificial shares and even Facebook content without influence marketing plans.

  • Top 10 list fluff which has been described as (ever so slightly) beginning to be so last season.

  • Simply posting links on your social channels without capturing and addressing needs.

  • Ugly, hard-to-digest infographics. (Shoutout to @Syed_R_ for creatively calling them ‘infocrapics’)

  • Shares that DON’T strategically utilize graphics and hashtags


Typically content sees the most engagement in the first 3 days. How do you promote during that time?

Again, I highly recommend you download BuzzStream’s eBook as I recall reading a lot of what we discussed during SEO Chat in more detail in there.

Some of our pro tips included:

  • Making a launch plan that includes paid, owned and earned media and planning it like a product launch. You will also want to pre-promote it and build interest before release.

  • Tag anyone mentioned and your sources cited across your social networks, tag anyone mentioned and utilize hashtags when relevant.

  • Pitch to the media ONLY if the content is newsworthy.

  • Use graphics to increase engagement and social share. HaikuDeck and Pixlr were recommended.

  • Use tools to amplify your message. Recommended were Triberr and BuzzStream.


Faves Books and Blogs! Share your  GO TO resources when it comes to content best practices?

Most recommended book: Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals, the New Book by Bruce Clay and Murray Newlands.

Recommended Twitter accounts: @socialmedia2day, @Marketingland, @MarketingProfs, @sewatch, @WordStream, @smbmktgtips, @marketingland, @moz, @toprank,@DigitalBootcamp, @SimplyMeasured, @WordStream, @KISSmetrics, @copyblogger


Shoutout! Who should we be following on Twitter when it comes to content promotion tips?

It seems like everyone wanted to kiss up to SEO Chat this week. The most common answer was to follow all of the other SEO Chat Tweeters! Check out some of the recent participants in this #SEOchat Twitter list. For more recommended accounts to follow see Q9.

I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s SEO Chat as much as I did! And, if you were unable to participate, hopefully this post was enlightening.

Don’t miss the next SEO Chat on Thursday, April 10 at 1 p.m. EST. Bruce Clay Inc will host and the topic is brands as publishers.

SEO Chat is held weekly on Thursdays at 11 a.m. MT, 1 p.m. ET. Just follow #SEOchat and join the conversation!


Image Credit: Maid: Love


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