10 Twitter Tips: Make The Most Out Of Each Post


With rumors spreading that Google will soon offer real-time search capabilities, allowing for the indexing of Tweets and other up-to-the-minute data, it is becoming essential that users optimize their Twitter profiles and content to rank highly in search results.

The following list is a breakdown of the Top 10 Twitter SEO Tips from Mashable.com.  As an online public relations agency, The Buyer Group uses each of these strategies to manage and optimize clients’ social media channels, providing quality exposure and promotion for their businesses.

According to Mashable, “By following these 10 Twitter tips, you, your company or your brand can build up more prominent links in high places on the engines.”

1 -Choose a good handle – Usernames need to be memorable, relevant and add value to your brand.  Your username will also become part of your customized Twitter URL, making it important to be consistent among social media channels.

2- Select an account name wisely – Your account name appears next to your username.  The Buyer Group uses this field as an additional opportunity to incorporate relevant key words into a profile.

3- Make your bio count – Twitter allows users 140 characters to describe themselves.  Use them. Your bio needs to include relevant key words and phrases that boost the value of your brand and rank highly in search.

4- Spread the word – Placing your Twitter URL on other social media sites as well as on many of the pages of your own Web site will help drive up its link value in search engines.

5- Remember your URL – Including a link to your brand’s site or even another social media profile is one of the easiest things you can do to promote your business.

6 -Select the initial characters of each tweet carefully – The first characters of each tweet determine the message’s title tag as a search result and may end up having the most impact on its future SEO value.

7 – Write keyword-rich tweets if possible – There needs to be a balance between keywords and content.  Starting tweets with relevant keywords is a great way to theme your messages and capitalize on timely “buzz words.”

8- Mind your re-tweetability – Keeping your messages around 120 characters will allow for maximum re-tweetability.

9 – Provide some link love– Twitter has become a very useful tool for promotion of messages and driving traffic to specific content.  Using a URL shortener such as Bit.ly will not only make it easy to fit links into your 140 characters, but also allow tracking click-throughs.

10 – As always, give ‘em what they want -Your followers on Twitter want timely and informative content.  Making sure your tweets and links provide something of interest to your followers is the number one goal on Twitter.

Read on for more information and make sure to check out the original post by Mashable.



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