10 Steps to Social Media and Public Relations Etiquette by @Jennita via #SMXWest


10 Steps to Social PR Etiquette Oh, behave! Yeah, baby, yeah it’s social media, public relations and reputation management!  Brands small and large can run, but they can’t hide from the inevitable consequences of social media and public relations etiquette gone wild. At the recent SMX West Social Media boot camp, Jennifer Sable Lopez @Jennita of @Moz walked us through The Essential Guide To Social Media Etiquette in a presentation filled with a reality checklist of Do’s, Don’ts and Must Knows when it comes to maneuvering a brand through the diverse personalities that come with Social PR and social media marketing.

  1. Never mix business with pleasure and always use two different apps – one for work and one for personal. Period.

This is not rocket science anymore and it’s too easy to mix up accounts within an app. We’ve heard all the horror stories from brands such as The Red Cross to Chrysler when employees mean to tweet from a personal account but the “F” bomb tweet posts to the brand account.

  1. Before you reshare, make sure you know what you are about to RT.Unless you know and trust the source, read the content before you hit the share button. The last thing you want to do is take your loyal followers to a spam page with false or misleading content.

  1. Be kind, rewind. Check your scheduled posts.  When brand disasters or a national crisis happen like the recent Malaysian airlines tragedy, be sure to put a stop to scheduled posts and make room for the more important news posts.

  1. Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 5.19.55 PMRead all about it – know what’s happening in the world before you tweet something stupid. It’s important for the whole social and PR team to stay “in the know” about real time news.

  1. Oops I did it again. Don’t schedule a tweet while you are obviously doing something else. Automation definitely saves time and creates efficiencies, but we must remember not to be strategic and sloppy at the same time.

  1. Know your focus and mind your message with what your community really cares about. If you are a local yoga studio talk about the history of yoga or tips on different poses.

  1. It’s about them, not you. Your users, your community, your connections are fans and followers because you keep the focus on them!

  1. Transparency is the game. The “No Comment” days are over. Done. A favorite example of brands doing it right is Bufferapp’s real time response to a hacking that potentially impacted their million+ users. “Here’s what’s happening” is a much better approach than “No comment.”

  1. You’ve got mail! Take the problems off of social and into private conversations such as via email, phone calls or direct messages. The best recipe for disaster is to let people get all crazy and entice a rise out of you… right in the social media spotlight.

  1. Stay calm, cool and collected. If you have a low tolerance for pressure, have a hard time listening and tend to take things personally – social media might not be for you!  Stay calm and carry on.

At the rate social media is growing, every brand should have a proactive Social PR etiquette plan in place. Remember, choosing to not have a plan in place is a choice;  and “no plan” is your plan. What’s on your social media etiquette checklist? Check out @Jennita’s full presentation and mind your social media manners.


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