10 PR Tips for Successful Email Campaigns

by Lisa Buyer

Heard it from a friend who…heard it from a friend who…heard it from another you’ve been…

In a matter of seconds your email can be forwarded to a parade of people. This can be a powerful PR strategy or not, depending on the intention of the forwarder.

So, the best interactive public relations advice is this – make every email count in the most positive way possible, because the power of email forwarding is priceless.

Who wants to read a poorly executed email marketing message? Not me. I don’t have the time. When creating your email messages, use the following checklist.

1.    The subject line communicates value. Don’t be vague or it will never be read!
2.    Make sure customers can subscribe to emails and get more information at your company Web site
3.    The ‘from’ line contains a recognizable company name and sender
4.    The footer is clear and complete
5.    The message is self-explanatory without the graphics
6.    Most of the content appears “above the fold”
7.    The email is a quick read with a clear message. Don’t waste your reader’s valuable time.
8.    The content of the email meets the expectation set by its subject line
9.    The recipient can easily control their email subscription
10.     There is call to action and relevant links throughout the text

Imagine the power of an email that is forwarded. Your exposure is unlimited.

Write your emails with public relations intention.


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