Google+ Hangout: Optimizing Your Website for Social Media, PR & Search, #SESSF Coverage

Google Hangout with Lisa Buyer and Rebecca Murtagh

Did you know that many of your website visitors are so obsessed with their mobile devices that they answer calls, check Facebook, send texts and read emails during sex?It’s true, read the study. You better believe they are also social surfing, searching, shopping and reading the news from a mobile device. Those same people are visiting […]

#SEMPOchat + Lisa Buyer Google Hangout: Social and Visual PR Super Powers

Magnetic Content: Super Powers by Lisa Buyer

Let’s get visual! Join SEMPO’s Monthly Google Hangout and expert guest Lisa Buyer as she shares her latest Social PR Secrets with online marketers. The one hour session is designed to offer strategies and takeaways for brands  looking to gain publicity using social media and visuals. Standing out in the social media newsfeed is critical […]

5 Social #PR Content Secrets From @JayBaer Wildfire Webinar

5 Social #PR Content Secrets From @JayBaer Wildfire Webinar

Three out of four B2B companies are creating Social PR content and many of them report doing it “because everyone else is doing it”, says Jay Baer, author of the upcoming book Youtility, at a Wildfire by Google-hosted webinar. Baer covered five important points: 1. Keep your business goals in mind when creating Social PR content 2. Think […]

[RECAP] 5 Roads to Social PR ROI via @WildfireApps

It's a 5 Step Program. Brands flip out, sober up and discover Social PR ROI.

Control Freaks and Social PR Alert:  You have officially lost control of your brand message. But have you also lost control of how customers perceive your brand? The good news is “no” but not without a high level strategy to guide your social efforts. A new report by The Wildfire by Google Team — The […]