#FF Social PR Twitter Hashtags to Follow

Twitter is today’s ‘go to’ resource for the social public relations industry. Whether connecting with journalists, fact checking, job searching, networking or reporting the company’s latest news -– 140 characters is today’s “read all about it”. Check out the following examples, highlighting opportunities for PR pros on Twitter.

Hashtags, those little words preceded by the # sign, give you a way to properly utilize Twitter in this way. By tracking these 10 hashtags, you will be in the know at all times.

1. #CommsChat

The #CommsChat hashtag is a weekly conversation for communications professionals of all types, not just PR and news people. It takes place at 8 pm GMT on Mondays and utilizes guest speakers and topical themes. The topics are listed at commschat.com, the web page of the conversation’s host, Communicate Magazine. This past week’s #CommChat featured Blaise Grimes-Viort to discuss online community management. Blaise is head of community management & engagement at eModeration and a speaker at Virtual Community Summit 2012. Check out the transcript http://commschat.com/

2. #JournoRequest

Journalists looking for leads! If you are looking for more work, consider this hashtag, which fellow PRs and news journalists will use to ask for contributors, leads and other similar requests. You might be able to land a gig or two this way if you can work quickly to help a fellow professional meet a deadline.

This particular hashtag can also help you network. When you provide a source or lead to another news professional in a bind, you will add to your professional network, giving you a few more people to draw from when you face your own bind in the future.

3. #PRrequest

This hashtag is the one you will use when you need a contact or have a PR request you need help with. Other news and PR professionals will see it and jump to your aid. Keep this one in your back pocket to draw from when you need help.

4. #SoloPR

Freelance PR professionals can join the #SoloPR community to discuss the ins and outs of freelancing in the news and PR business. This is an excellent resource to draw tips and tricks from seasoned, successful freelance professionals in your field. They hold regular chats on Wednesdays at 1 pm Eastern aimed at topics important to solo industry professionals.

5. #PRethics

The #PRethics hashtag is another conversation you will benefit from joining. It is hosted by the Public Relations Society of America (@PRSA) and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (@CIPR_UK). They host regular conversations about the ethics of PR and the news industry that you can glean valuable information from.

6. #PR

This one may seem obvious, but simply looking at the list from a few hours under #PR shows a wide range of topics. Blog posts, job opportunities and even trending news topics are all found under this hashtag. It is also great to add to your own tweets because it only uses three of your 140 characters, and can help you develop your personal brand.

7. #JournChat

Every Monday at 7 pm Central, #journchat offers a chat session for bloggers, PR professionals, news journalists and other general journalists. In addition to the regular chat, this hashtag can bring some great nuggets of information from experienced professionals, as well as breaking news topics.

8. #Happo

The #happo hashtag stands for “help a PR pro out” and is ideal for job seekers, providing a steady stream of job and internship opportunities with a focus on the PR industry. Newbies in the field can follow this hashtag to get their foot in the door, and experienced professionals can use it to find up and coming talent. This hashtag has a strong networking focus.

9. #PRtips

PR professionals can always use great tips to improve their businesses, and #prtips provides just that. Most of these tweets are either direct advice or URL links to blog posts and articles, and most come from professionals in the field.

10. #MediaRelations

PR and news professionals need to work together to be successful in their interrelated fields. The #mediarelations hashtag helps professionals on both sides of the industry develop stronger relationships. This hashtag does not offer a regular conversation, but it can be an invaluable resource for articles and news leads.

The publicist and journalist now can be called the tweet-icist when it comes to socializing the corporate news.

This story was contributed by: Jaime, an avid hiker and skier who loves to write in her spare time for CenturyLinkQuote.com