My @Canva Addiction: Now on iPhone

My Canva Addiction: Now on iPhone

Well now there’s one more reason to be obsessed with your mobile phone; Canva – Graphic Design & Photo Editing is now on iOS. Download, point, shoot, design, upload, live… action. All on the go with Canva. Joy to the social media manager’s world! Canva’s Off the Charts Test Results I was able to test drive […]

Social Media Marketing: 7 Signs You’re Doing it Right

Social Media Marketing: 7 Signs You’re Doing it Right

What happens when you get a group of social media marketing experts and ask them the exact same questions? The best possible insight, predictions, and tips in the industry. Social PR Secrets author, Lisa Buyer  chimes in with nineteen other Social Media Marketing field experts for a mashup of love and likes. All 20 experts […]

Snapchat Success Tips for a #SMB in a Snap

Snapchat Tip- Add your Snapcode to your invoices (1)

Boo! Watch out Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because there is a new MVP player in town sneaking up on you: Snapchat. The “dominant” ghost app was released in July 2011 and has gained extreme popularity since then, especially amongst millennials and iGens (GenZ). It is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application that gives users […]

Self-Publishing Book Tips, Trends, and #SocialPRSecrets

Self publishing Book tips and trends (3)

Publishing a book can be a daunting thought and yet an exciting opportunity. Taking the self publishing book route can throw you right out of your comfort zone and straight to the closest bar. We’re also unofficially certain there is a direct correlation between writing a book and increased wine consumption. To publish or to […]