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Social Media Is the new black

Survey Says Social Media is the New Black: Public Relations Vice to Habit

Orange is the New Black is cancelled! False. You probably heard that news hoax first on social media and then went on to confirm that it was not true via an official news channel. But you know what is true? Social media is the new black for getting news out and is now the leading go-to source … [Read More...]


Meet the 15 Second Social Press Release: Snapchat, Instagram and more

If you thought 140 characters might cramp your social press release style, try 15 seconds or less with social newbies like Snapchat, Instagram and Vine! Social PR is now a Snap. Snapchat says that we are not the sum of everything we have said or done or experienced or published – we are … [Read More...]

Larry Kim Fox Interview

How Content Promotion Lands the #PR Story for @LarryKim…Everytime!

Dear public relations pros: it’s time for the ultimate aha moment: content promotion is king.  Say hello to inspiring  content promotion ideas primed to influence PR thanks to WordStream’s CEO Larry Kim presentation at Pubcon New Orleans 2014. In an era of content saturation and burnout, Kim … [Read More...]

Would you hire a PR agency that was not search and social savvy?

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Dominate Search and Social the #GROWCO Way

Never, Ever, Ever Hire a PR firm. That’s one of the 12 Rules Mavericks owner and Shark Tank co-host Mark Cuban shares in his book How to Win at the Sport of Business. Never, Ever, Ever Hire a PR firm, unless they understand search and social. That's the Social PR Chat version of the … [Read More...]

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  • Social PR Secrets by Lisa Buyer book launch

    Now available on Amazon! A book by Lisa Buyer and read the foreword by Sarah Evans: How to optimize, socialize and publicize your brand's news.September 2013
  • SMX West

    San Jose, CaliforniaGet social sharing sites to work for your business by attending the one-day Social Media Bootcamp where you'll find Lisa Buyer on a panel discussing paid social. March 11 – March 13
  • Pubcon New Orleans

    New OrleanFind Lisa Buyer heading up with social media track of the Masters Group Training workshop with Krista Neher and Jabez Lebret. as well as speaking on various other sessions. March 17–20, 2014
  • American Outdoor Association

    Santa Fe, New MexicoLisa Buyer is keynoting on the topic of Social PR, Customer Reviews and ReputationManagement at the AOA's International Marketing and Management ConferenceDecember 10 – December 13

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Lisa Buyer ClearVoice Score

Why Social Public Relations Writers Need to Care About Rank

The name, face, rank and influence score behind content creators – that means social public relations pros, blog writers and social media managers has never been more important. Launching this month, ClearVoice, a no-cost content platform built to showcase content authority, has developed a scoring tool based on authorship power. The tool … [Read More...]

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Mobile Public Relations Audit by Lisa Buyer

Mobile PR Audit Tips: 4 Examples of How Mobile Impacts Your Brand

You may have heard of an SEO audit, or worse yet – an IRS audit, but what about a Mobile PR audit? It’s the analysis of how your brand is using, abusing or ignoring the mobile PR opportunity. You might think mobile is not part of the PR responsibility or scope of services. Think again, […]

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Facebook marketing and optimization checklist

How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page for Brand Power

Facebook as a Social PR tool has resulted in amazing success stories for large brands such as Redbull or a local brand such as The Yoga Joint. Although Facebook users exceed 1.2 billion individuals, Facebook Brand Pages are finding it more competitive than ever to get in front of their target audience. Start by optimizing your profile with some … [Read More...]

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Get Quoted by the Media

Tools and Tips to Get Quoted by the Media as an Expert Source

Social PR Secret:  The more often you are quoted by the media, the more likely you will be quoted in the future. Today’s media relations and research is more than press releases and mass email pitches, it’s about being first, Google searches, social media mentions and stand out news content.  Ever wonder how a journalist or blogger … [Read More...]

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